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R& D Director contributes to strengthening the leading position of Sun World Holding in attraction industry through his efforts in creating innovative ideation of new theme parks/amusement parks, bringing newness to Sun World's existing parks with particular focus on customer experience and happiness.

  1. The R& D Director leads market/product researches and analysis, ensuring the company correctly understands and anticipates market demand and new trends, basing on which the Director develops new park theming/concepts, recommends renovation for existing entities to ensure the attractiveness of SW parks.
  2. Collaborate with related parties (Design Management departments, building contractors, local and foreign consultants ...) in creating new parks from early stage of projects: proposing park theming/concepts, park master layouts and stories, selecting games/playing models…
  3. Provide consultancy services to BOD of Sun Group, BOD of Sun World Holding on strategic development of parks and reviewing expansion plans.
  4. Nominate high qualified partners in theme-park development and operations.
  1. Support Sun World existing parks in maintaining their standards of decoration and images. Monitor the implementation of the standards.
  1. Other duties as assigned by authorized people.


Yêu cầu

  2. Knowledge:
    • Bachelor’s Degree or above.
    • Deep knowledge of amusement park, theme park in the world and attraction industry.
    • Good knowledge of local and international entertainment market.
    • Possess a thorough knowledge of relevant regulations and laws pertaining to the field, as well as related technologies and marketing.
    • At least 5 years of experience in similar positions in attraction, with big/famous parks around the world (receiving ≥3 million visitors per year).


  1. Skills:
    • Strong in research and data analysis; able to provide excellent solutions for improving both new and existing parks, technologies and materials...
    • Excellent in project management.
    • Good in budgeting and planning.
    • Strong leadership, good inter-personal skills.
    • Good presentation and communication skills.
    • High mobility.


  1. Attitude, personality:
    • Be happy, agile and positive thinking.
    • Possess a passionate interest in the theme parks and attractions industry.
    • Result- oriented.
    • Enjoy exploring and experiencing.

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